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Current programme (monthly meetings):

  • Our own "Antiques Roadshow"

Sun. 15th October 2017, 8pm in the URC Salem Hall, Main Street, Burley in Wharfedale.

This is your chance to bring along an old object or family heirloom and tell us something about it in German. WGC member Karl Hesse, an antiques dealer, will be on hand to give his expert opinion. More details will be e-mailed to members.

  • "Gerhards Brezeln"

Thurs. 16th November 2017, 8pm in the URC Salem Hall, Main Street, Burley in Wharfedale.

Dr Gerhard Zieboll will tell us about his home-based business making German-style Brezels and sour-dough breads. The talk will be in German with English summaries and there will be samples to taste.

  • Members' Weihnachtsfeier

Sun. 17th December 2017, 8pm in the URC Salem Hall, Main Street, Burley in Wharfedale.

Our Christmas celebration for members, along the usual lines with food, drinks, readings, games/quizzes and music.

  • "Assignment in Berlin"

Sun. 14th January 2018, 8pm in the URC Salem Hall, Main Street, Burley in Wharfedale.

Brian Burton, who lived in Berlin 2003-04, will describe a trouble-shooting assignment at the British International School in Berlin, with amusing anecdotes about the school and his year in the city. The talk will be in English.

  • "Gregor Mendel - Founding Father of Heredity? - And unlikely warrior in the Cold War"

Sun. 18th February 2018, 8pm in the URC Salem Hall, Main Street, Burley in Wharfedale.

Dr Kersten Hall, of Leeds University, will talk to us in German with English summaries about Gregor Mendel. Here is his description of his presentation: 'Open a biology textbook and you'll find the 19th century abbot Gregor Mendel hailed as a lone genius. Mendel's research into pea plants, written in German in 1865, is today hailed as being the birth of our modern science of genetics. But if Mendel could somehow be transported from the tranquility of his monastery garden in a corner of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to the 21st century, he would not only be bewildered to see himself lauded with such accolades but also horrified to discover that, thanks to his ideas, scientists in the Soviet Union suffered persecution during the Cold War...'

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Current programme (student events):

These events are for foreign-language teaching assistants and other foreign students of ALL nationalities. We will chat in English at these events, so you can practise colloquial expressions!

  • Saturday 14th October 2017: Ilkley Treasure Hunt

Join WGC members for a look around the small town of Ilkley. It has Roman and Victorian history and is on the edge of the moors and dales.
Meet us at Ilkley railway/bus station at 12.05pm. There is a train from Leeds at 11.32 or one from Bradford Forster Square at 11.16. Or there is the X84 bus, which leaves Leeds at 10.50 and goes through Headingley at 11.07 and Otley at 11.31, arriving in Ilkley at 12.01. There are also buses from Keighley and Skipton to Ilkley. Bring a packed lunch if you wish.

After the treasure hunt (on foot) around Ilkley town centre, there'll be hot chocolate and then a walk along the edge of Ilkley moor (please wear sturdy trainers/boots and it’s always a good idea to have a waterproof jacket). We'll finish the afternoon with home-made tea and cakes in Ben Rhydding, from where you can get the train/bus back to Leeds/Bradford etc.

This is a “just turn up” event, but it would help us with our catering if you can contact us in advance by e-mailing us (wgcircle@gmail.com).

  • Saturday 4th November: Skipton

We thought you might like to have a look around the market town of Skipton with us. Sheila Clark, who is a member of the WGC and also of Skipton's Civic Society will then give us a guided walk around Skipton, taking in its interesting old buildings. She'll tell us about Skipton's past as a mill town and its importance as a market town at the gateway to the Dales National Park. In the afternoon you'll be free to explore, perhaps visiting the market and/or castle.

Meet us at Skipton railway station at 11am (there's a train from Leeds at 10.19 or one from Bradford at 10.11). Or you can catch the X84 bus from Leeds at 8.55 (via Headingley at 9.10, Otley at 9.36 and Ilkley at 10.05), which arrives in Skipton at 10.35 and then walk from Skipton bus station to the railway station (about 8 mins walk).

This is a "just turn up" event, but it helps us if you can let us know in advance.
  • Saturday 9th December: Saltaire

We will look around the enormous former woollen mill (now contains shops, restaurants and art galleries) and the surrounding houses and other buildings in Saltaire village, all built by a Victorian industrialist Titus Salt for his workers, 160 years ago; it is now a World Heritage Site. For those who want more exercise, in the afternoon we may also offer a short countryside walk along the canal and river, and back through the park if the weather is fine.

We will meet you at Saltaire railway station, at 10.25am. There is a train from Leeds at 9.56 and one from Bradford Forster Square station at 10.11. It is the Skipton train, but be careful: not all trains that go to Skipton stop at Saltaire! Also be careful because Saltaire station is very soon (2 minutes) after Shipley station. If you are coming from Skipton direction, there is a train from Skipton at 10.00, via Keighley at 10.14, which arrives in Saltaire at 10.25.

This is a "just turn up" event, but it helps us if you can let us know in advance.

For all of these events, it is important to check this website the evening before, in case we have to cancel them because of bad weather.

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What else is on?

  • Reading Group:

This meets every few weeks, at Fleur's home in Burley in wharfedale, to read from and discuss books, short stories and other literature. The group welcomes new members.

If you would like to take part in this group, please contact us for further details.

  • Sprachcafe:

Language Café at the Lawnswood Arms, Otley Road, Leeds LS16 7PH. Members of local German clubs meet for a coffee and a natter in an informal setting. It's usually on the first Monday of the month between 10am and 12noon and is a chance to speak German and/or listen to the spoken word. Just turn up!

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